Thaed’s Silhouette

Yet another of the poems we had to write for English. The topic for this one is Death.

Thaed’s Silhouette


It comes like a thief in the night
A dark cloud blocking the light
Watching our last hours, as if to mock
The final ticks of our broken clock


Hiding in two masks
It’s real face we do not know
Is it our saving angel?
Or a hooded figure of sorrow?


Is it the dead end of a road
that for so long, we have traveled on?
Or the gates toward witnessing
a quite different dawn?


Is it a taking of man’s real gold?
or the returning of what we just borrowed?
The ruin of dreams yet unfulfilled?
Or a surrender to greater power’s will?


It’s such an enigma
How can I define it best?
Is it the end of new mornings?
Or the beginning of eternal rest?


~ by yzahbel on November 26, 2007.

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