Beneath Laughter

dedicated to my M.K.C.E.

It started from stupidity, nothing but a joke
But it undeniably became true
He captured his heart like no other folk
And as time passed by, his love grew

In a sheltered friendship full of lies
Pretensions are slyly covered with a grin
His heart is shattered when she’s with other guys
She never understood what his laughter mean

All of her friends knew the real deal
Except for her who needed a clue
Although his love he tried to conceal
A friend told her out of the blue

That beneath the laughs and jokes they shared
The truth is… he really cared

Note: A sonnet using the Shakespearean rhyme scheme. I wrote this along with Rutz for our English class.


~ by yzahbel on September 30, 2007.

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