It was a fine Saturday afternoon. Outside, you can still see the remains of the celebrations and parties that occured almost every night. Happiness filled the air and everyone seemed to have nothing at all to worry about. Everybody seemed happy and content. Everybody except Harry. He sat at the dark corner of the room, immune to the noises outside, temporarily shut out from the world. It had been a week since the defeat of the Dark Lord but he found it hard to celebrate. He was too busy contemplating on the events that unfolded one by one during the past few weeks.

He, along with Ron and Hermione, had been busy tracking down Voldermort’s remaining Horcuxes. They insisted on accompanying him even after he had fully explained the difficulty of the situation. It was then that Harry realized how lucky he was to have such friends. Using the clues they gathered from the memories Dumbledore had shown to Harry, they set out for all the possible places wherein Voldemort must have hid the Horcrux. They were able to destroy all but one, Nagini. Amazingly enough, they got through it with no damage except for Harry’s slight limp and Hermione’s broken ankle which were immediately healed by Severus Snape.

Yes. The person Harry always hated and doubted ended up helping him. Harry looked back on the night of Dumbledore’s death when he had sworn to himself to get back at Snape.


~ by yzahbel on June 11, 2007.

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