Undying Care

It was All Souls Day. She and her family were visiting the tombs of their relatives who died. Catherine, who was very close to her grandma, was glad that she can visit her once again. While giving flowers and praying, her mind drifted off two years back when her grandma was still alive.
She remembered it like yesterday. She pictured on her mind, she would come home from school and her grandma would be in the garden, watering the flowers. She would welcome her and Catherine would then kiss her on the cheek. Then, she’d instruct her right away to change. She always said, “Those school clothes are too dirty. Go on, change right away. You might get sick.” or “Your back is too wet. Don’t you have a towel?” She was ever so-caring. She missed her. The thought made a teardrop roll though her cheeks…

“Come on, Catherine,” her mother called. “It’s getting late. It’ll be hard to find a ride home.”
“Coming mom,” she replied.
While they were crossing the silent street, she dropped her bracelet. “Mom, wait up!” she called. She bent down to pick it up then she heard a voice soft as a murmur that said “Catherine! Watch out!!!”
She looked around to see where the voice came from then she saw a truck fast approaching. Suddenly, she heard the horn blow loud. She ran from road just in time.
Her heart was beating hard. Her family came running towards her. Her mom said, “Dear, we thought you already caught up. I didn’t notice you were already so far back. Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” she replied. “I’m okay.” Her mom hugged her tight.
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure. Good thing a lady called my attention,” She looked around to look for that woman, the reason she’s still alive.
“Who? Hon, we were the only people on this street a while ago. Everybody’s probably sleeping.”
“But – “
“Let’s just be thankful you’re okay,” her dad said.
“Thank goodness.”

That night, she’s lying at her bed thinking of what happened. Something troubled her. Not the fact that she almost got killed but…the question that remained in her head. Who was that woman? Where did that voice come from?

What really troubled her was that, the voice seemed familiar. It was so soft, so nice, so…caring. Then it all dawned on her. She didn’t know how, but she was sure of it. That voice, soft yet firm, serious yet loving, belongs to her grandmother. She’s still watching over us, she thought. She watches with her undying care…


~ by yzahbel on June 11, 2007.

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