The Internet

The Internet:
Useful Tool or Bad Influence?

In our typical modern-day world, the Internet isn’t such an extra-ordinary thing no more. Nowadays, only a very small percent doesn’t know about the net, and it has grown to be a necessity for most people. Everyone is open to the fact he ‘net is indeed handy when it comes to communication, the rise and fall of the stock market, homework, the latest international news, games, and a range of endless possibilities.
The Internet has been influencing the ideas and even the moral characters of the billions of surfers around the world. Unfortunately, we cannot ignore the fact that not all these influences are positive. A small proportion of these websites contain subjects that if not scandalous, can cause harm to the users’ computer. There are those so-called hentai, online gambling and adult-content chat rooms. There are also those download files that contain viruses of spy wares that may later lead to data loss. There are lots more.
All the facts mentioned leads to the one important question: would we be better off without the Internet? Perhaps it’s a yes and a no. Maybe it is really up to us. Modern technology means not only new opportunities but also new responsibilities. How we handle this new technology is not controlled by the irresponsible webmasters but us. After all, most still CAN control their actions. Can you?


~ by yzahbel on June 11, 2007.

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