Sweet Nothings

The sun woke me up with its light
Very gentle, yet very bright
I smiled as I begin my day
And say clouds can’t block my way

I’m just walking down the street
Letting time pass, watching it fleet
There are millions of people I want to meet
Starting conversations when I greet

At school, I see my friends
We are like models,
We wear the latest trends
With them, the fun never ends

Walking home, watching people pass by
I stop by every little while
To look at the sky, then ask myself why
People like me cannot me cannot fly

At night to the bed, myself I lay
Then I raise my hands and start to pray
Then I wish myself goodnight
Before I start sleeping tight
Note: Written for a sixth-grade writing assignment which got me started on writing a few poems. 🙂


~ by yzahbel on June 11, 2007.

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