One day, as Aram and her friends were walking home, the topic about ghosts suddenly came up…
“They are just so scary! Who knows? They might be standing with us right now without us knowing it!” Angie exclaimed..
“C’mon you guys! You don’t really believe in ghosts, do you?” she asked with a challenge in her voice.
“They’re real! Really!” Mercze said. “Oh no! I heard if you don’t believe in them, they’ll haunt you!”
“Ooh… I’m so scared!” she replied mimickly.
“Just don’t tell us we didn’t warn you when they start showing up!’ Angie declared.
“Yea!” Merze agreed.
“Whatever! Hey, this is my stop. I’ll just see you guys tomorrow!”
Her friends waved goodbye. Then, as she put her key in the doorknob, chilly wind suddenly touched her face…

That night, while she’s lying on the bed, she thought about what one of her friends said.
“if you don’t believe in them, they’ll haunt you!|
Weird! she thought. Then, she finally slept.
Then, in the middle of the night, she suddenly woke up for she heard somebody calling out her name.
aram… Aram….
“W-who’s there?” she asked, trembling.
So she started walking towards the window when suddenly out of nowhere, a ghost’s face appeared!
She made a run for the door that she always left open. As she grabbed for the knob, a gust of wind blew and closed the door! She tried to open it, but it won’t budge!
When she turned around, she saw a mob of ghosts! She grabbed her reading lamp and threw it at them, hoping it would harm them enough to make them stop. All she could do then was go back to her bed and hide under the covers as she heard and felt the creatures come nearer…
Then, she suddenly woke up!
“Whew! It’s just a nightmare! A horrible nightmare!”
The went downstairs and took a drink to calm herself and forget about the what she dreamed of. And when she was about to sleep again, she saw her reading lamp on the floor, broken to pieces…



~ by yzahbel on June 11, 2007.

One Response to “Non-Believer”

  1. the story was very scared so i want to say i love it……….. super talaga grabe nakaka eclaber no;;;

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