(Love Story) English

“What?! He did that?” I asked in astonishment. “But he seemed like such a nice guy…”
“Well, he’s a jerk,” she harshly replied. “A no-good fool. He’s nothing but shit.”
From the tone of her voice, it’s plain obvious that she still hasn’t stopped crying. I can’t blame her though. This is not the first time a guy broke her heart. And I’m guessing it probably won’t be the last. Practically all of her past boyfriends have been a fantasy too good to be true. Her lastest – correction – recent hook-up ended with a confession that the only reason he courted her was because his barkada dared him to do so. Tsk tsk!
“C’mon girlfriend,” I said with sympathy. “I mean, t’s not like it’s your loss. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”
“That’s line is so worn-out it’s probably written in a book titled ‘For People With Heartbroken Bestfriends’,” she answered.
“Yeah. Well, here’s another age-old line.” I looked at her in the eye and said, “That crap doesn’t deserve you.”
“I know,” she replied. “That’s another thing that makes me angrier. I can’t help myself from crying over a guy that doesn’t even deserve someone like me! I”


~ by yzahbel on June 11, 2007.

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