Laughing in the Rain

What do you do when someone you completely don’t know arrives at your front door? Drive them away? Shout at them? Slam the door on their faces? Most people might. But definitely not those that live at the Riverside community. They’re even the ones who offered us their homes! Not quite something you’d expect from people living next to a stinky river that floods during rainy days. But then again, who are we to not expect that they’ll be so accomodating? We don’t know them a bit! That’s exactly why I had no second thoughts about attending our exposure.
Here’s how it goes – one house, one pair. Once we’re assigned to a house, we’re supposed to do what we would have done if we really did live there. Talk our new “housemates”, help in chores, eat with them and stuff. Me and my partner were assigned to Ate Hazel’s house. It’s quite small like we expected but not what you’d call unkept. She’s really nice and very open about her life story. She also has this kid who is really fond of reading stories and loves to play just like any ordinary kid. His husband works as a driver someplace and sometimes isn’t able to come home after long working hours. Why am I telling you this? I just want to get the point across that these people are not what everyone thinks or considers the country’s problems. They don’t sit around all day and wait for blessings to arrive. They work for it, just like more previleged people do. The best thing about them is that they don’t go around complaining, they do something about it.
Just before we left the place, rain poured. With a small umbrella in hand, two other people and I had to walk through the rain to get our bags from the house. This resulted in us looking like we were attacked by seriously deranged people. Surprisingly, we weren’t upset at all. We were actually laughing out heart out. Looking back, I realized that the same way we laughed while getting drenched, the people there are laughing their way through the challenges life throws their way. And the rain that almost gave me the colds and made my PE pants look like an elephant stepped on it is the same rain I thank for making me realize a flaw in my judgment. Before, when I think of people like them, pity is the first thing on my mind. But now, along with it is sheer admiration.


~ by yzahbel on June 11, 2007.

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