Grade One Pupils are Adorable

You’re probably wondering why I chose this title. Well you’ll soon find out. I’m going to tell you a short story from my personal experience. It happened today, October 14, 2004, it’s the last day of the games against other schools. I’m not one of the players but instead, I’m one of the poor care-takers and gate-watchers. We were called to do some work and I didn’t know what I was in for.
We were supposed to be watching the grade one pupils so that they don’t run off from their lines so that they won’t be hit with balls. At first, I told them to sit down and you know what they did? One told me to get lost. Well, not exactly but, they didn’t follow. This one girl was running off on purpose to annoy me! She walking back and forth and telling me, “Ba’t ka nandito? Galit ako sa ‘yo.” The little girl was named Zandra or Sandra. I tried giving them my angry look but it weren’t’ scary enough to make them stay put. Then, there was this fat kid that threatened me that he’d spill his water bottle all over me! I took his bottle and went to the principal’s office. I was so angry I didn’t care if the boy was crying (and he was!) When I came back, I only said “sit” and, my goodness, they did! That’s when things started to turn around. . .
I found that there was another section to take care of. Grade one – honesty. I tried to take the more interesting approach. I told them that they’ll never guess my name. And later, I realized that they were crowding around me (all the while making lots of noise) and not wandering off anymore! After one girl guessed my name correctly, I tried another game which is honesty vs. kindness. Each got one point but then, the adviser of grade one honesty came so they ran off. So, I just told kindness that they are the winner! They weren’t so bad after all!
Later, they had to go up to their own classrooms and before I leave them (because it’s lunch and I had to eat) I taught them a little chant. It goes “Grade One Kindness! Cute pa rin kami!!!” They chanted it once and when I said bye, no one replied. But and girl and Zandra-or-Sandra (the girl who told me she hates me) both said, “Ate, bukas ulit ha?”


~ by yzahbel on June 11, 2007.

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