Glad or Sad???

Take a good guess about what’s coming up this March. You guessed it. Graduation day. After 10 months of studying, lessons, tests and endless homework, not to mention researches and projects, we finally came to the end(of grade school, anyway)! Graduation is like a door that opens up to summer. It clearly spells F-U-N. These things are probably too good to be true. I guess in a way, it is. Coz in everything good that happens, sadly, there’s a counterpart.
Elementary Graduation is something humongous for sixth-graders like me. It’s a totally big change. A change which isn’t all too thrilling. It’s actually a mystery if we are to smile or to frown. Why, you ask? For starters, it means goodbye to our dear teachers. C’mon, admit that even through all the homework your teachers gave you, you’ll still miss them. And even though it might seem impossible, you might even miss the way they scold you when you talk too loud in class when you’re not supposed to be talking at all. Second, it might mean goodbye to the school you’ve been in for a long time. The long hallways, lockers and cafeteria that’s been somehow a part of your school life are gonna be a memory. Believe me, you might miss your old school more than you think you would. And the saddest of all, classmates and friends will be torn apart. Well, maybe not torn but they will be apart. It’s either one of you will go away, or both or you will go away to different schools. Anyway, it doesn’t matter who’s going away. It still sums up a sad, teary and melodramatic goodbye. Wait, before you start bawling there, there are still more reasons to be glad. Read on.
Being a freshman means a new start. Erase everything embarrassing that happened to you in grade school. In high school, no one knows about how you cry in class, trip because of your shoelaces or throw up when you’re sick. You can start up a whole new image. You can start aiming for being the first honor or joining the varsity team or other stuff you were afraid to try before. Since no one knows you that much, no one will judge you and you’ll have more confidence in yourself. As for friends, I’m certain you’ll meet new ones that will stick with you till fourth year or college even! Your new teachers will probably be as cool as your old – I mean, former ones. See, high school isn’t all that bad! What, still not convinced? Well, you can always fail your test on purpose and not move on to h.s. But think, do you want to go through all the tests you took all over again? I pretty much think you’re convinced now. So, for my fellow sixth-graders, so long and see you in high school!!!


~ by yzahbel on June 11, 2007.

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