Explore the World in 30 Seconds

The world is big with lots to explore
When you see places, you’ll keep wanting more
A lifetime isn’t enough to see everything
But if you start now, perhaps you’ll see something

The Great Wall of China is long and wide
Surf and ride the Pacific Ocean tides
The Sphinx of Egypt will mesmerize your eyes
You’ll never be bored gazing at the skies

With the Rice Terraces, you’ll be amazed
When you see the Stonehenge, you’ll be crazed
Your valuable time won’t go to waste
If you’d take time to visit some place

You’ll see the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Its beauty is as unimaginable as fairies
You’ll love the Colloseum in Rome
But nothing is ever as good as being home


~ by yzahbel on June 11, 2007.

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