Confessions of A Self-Confessed Sintunado

“I love you… You love me… Were a happy family…”

Damn. It’s a simple silly Barney song and I still can’t sing it right. Sometimes I wonder why I was made with malfunctioning vocal chords. And to think I’m the type of person who can go on a talk-scream-shout marathon and very rarely mamalat. Either I’m simply unfortunate or downright weird.
Ironically, I also happen to be a music lover. I love pop, rock, hip-hop, rock, name it. Ask me a song and more often than not, I know at least part of the lyrics. Just perfect. Not to mention the people that surround me happen to have high-note-reaching to-die-for voices. And here I am, looking pathetic, feeling depressed and straining just to sing that short Barney song.


~ by yzahbel on June 11, 2007.

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