A Strand of Yesterday

Graduation day. The ceremony just finished and everyone has his or her own business. The school grounds are filled with parents, teachers and graduating students, of course. Cameras are clicking everywhere. “Congratulations” and “see you next year” are heard over and over. With all the people, you’d think someone’s giving away free money. It is but a graduation from grade school. And in the middle of all these excitement, two pairs of eyes are wet with tears.
“Paano yan? Lilipat na ‘ko ng school next year,” a girl named Angeline spoke.
“Ako rin eh.,” her best friend, Shane replied. “Sa Cavite pa naman kami lilipat. Aalis na nga kami bukas, eh.”
“ ‘Di hindi na tayo magkikita?”
“Magkikita pa rin tayo. Alam mo naman ako, sikat,” Shane joked. “You’ll find me sa t.v., billboards, ganun.”
“Yabang! Seriously, malay mo, magbago isip nila tapos dito uli tayo pareho mag-aral. ‘Di ba?”
“Well, bye.”
As two friends parted ways, a gush of wind passed embraced them as if assuring that they were meant to be friends forever.

Ten years later…
“Hello? Yes, ma’am. I’m sure that your orders will be delivered right away,” spoke Angeline who is now a very successful business woman and owns a telemarketing company.
After all those years, she still has the same look. Black expressive eyes, rosy cheeks and that assuring smile that says, “I’ll always be here”. She’s at her office, signing papers.

“Ohh! How much is this gown?” Shane asked. “I’m gonna need it for the opening of a new hotel. I’m invited.” She too, didn’t change that much.

The next week, they saw each other at the mall. Both were surprised to see each other.]
“Oh my gosh, it’s you!” Angeline exclaimed.
“Yeah! How are you!” she said.
And they lived as friends forever.


~ by yzahbel on June 11, 2007.

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